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Dr. Andreas Ioannides

Plastic - Reconstructive Surgeon

Dr. Andreas Ioannides is a specialist in Plastic Aesthetics and Reconstructive Surgery, including ocular surgery, oncology.

He is a recognized Plastic Surgeon by the official Greek and Cypriot State Medical Medical Service and he is a member of the Greek, European and World Plastic Surgery Society as well as an international member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Official Member

Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Andreas Ioannides

Dr. Andreas Ioannides is a renowned Certificated Plastic Surgeon with more than 23 years of experience and his well distinguished associates doctors and beauticians ensure the most advanced medical therapies, surgical procedures and beauty therapies with cutting edge technologies.


Face - Body


1. Instant Liquid Nose Repositioning:Non-invasive rhinoplasty
2. Instant Liquid Face Contouring: Facial injections, Hyaluronic acid, New generation injections
3. ThermiLid: Non-invasive Blepharoplasty
4. Thermi Thread Assisted Facial Lift: Non-invasive lifting, Threads
5. ThermiTight face / neck: Non-invasive RF Lifting, Facial relaxation, cervical relaxation
6. ThermiTight knees relaxing: Knee skin relaxation

Dr. Andreas Ioannides

1. High Definition Low Trauma Rhinoplasty
2. SMARTLIFT (The short incision facelift)
3. Dual Plane Blepharoplasty
4. F.R.B.R body reshaping
5. Through Upper Eyelid Brow Lift
6. Bat Wing Lip-Lift (upper lip lifting)

Dr. Andreas Ioannides


Dr. Andreas Ioannides
Executive Plastic Surgery

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